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6 Letters to Self

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

As I mentioned in an earlier post at #celebrateyourlife Elizabeth Gilbert was a presenter. For a 3 hour time window Elizabeth had everyone in that room enthusiastically sharing and writing letters as a tool to look inward. This process entire belongs to and was developed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am passing on only the points I learned from her seminar talk. I hope you enjoy the information sharing.

Elizabeth’s process is set so that you write 6 letters over the 3 hour time period. The letters are written as follows:

· FEAR - The first letter is written from my Fear to me telling me what it is I am afraid of.

· JOY - The 2nd letter is from my Joy to me. In that letter my Joy tells me what it wants.

The amazing part in my 2 letters is that they were opposites. My Fear wants to keep me small. It wants me safe, sound, small and preferably alone at home. My Joy, on the other hand, wanted to be outside, away from the house, having fun, sharing with people, laughing, and spreading love to others.

· PERMISSION - Elizabeth then has us write a letter as the Principal of the School granting a hall pass, a permission slip for whatever we want/desire.

· PERSISTENCE - Next, I wrote a letter from my Persistence to me telling me what it’s done for me.

· TRUST - The next letter is a bit of a twist. Here Elizabeth asked us to write a letter to our Joy from Trust. The purpose of this letter was to let Joy know it can Trust me to remember to create Joy in my life. This is a letter where we accept the responsibility for our Joy and our commitment to ensuring we experience that Joy.

· DIVINITY - Last, but certainly not least, the final letter is very personal. It is a letter written from our Divine Self, our Higher Self, to our Fear letting it know it’s safe. Our Fear is loved, and it’s all ok.

In a room of over 600 people everyone had the same fears, the same desires for happiness, and similar hopes for the future. It was 3 hours. I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for all the thought she put in to this project. I certainly plan to use this process in sessions in the future! Let me know if I can be of help to you!

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