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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Late at night I wake, and I often think of him. He is likely my first thought upon waking in the morning. He is frequently the last thought before sleep encompasses me. I know that what I feel is passion, and it is, but for me it is a lot more.

I remember the moment I first got to touch him. I couldn’t tell you when I first loved him, but I could tell you that very moment I got to touch him. I got to hug him. I never understood the term electric, but I did know I wanted to feel him again. I didn’t and still don’t want to stop touching him.

We love because we have been given the best gift…the ability to give and receive love. It is the bell, the cymbal, the sound of tinkling glass, and the softness of silk.

It is the softness of knowing how it feels to touch his skin. I smell his skin even when he is not here. I love his odor. I could and do run my fingers down his back and spend the entire time smelling the smell of his skin. I put my legs around him and let him know how much I love this man. I have known and loved this man for many, many years.

This is all good…better than good, but what happens when finances, bill payments, unexpected expenses, in-laws, relatives, friends, children, or any of a multitude of things get in the way of love. How do we get back to love?

There are many things to do to bring back the love. If you remember I wrote about relationships and some ways to get off the Merry-Go-Round. Here is a link to my other article. https://www.coachinglifetransition.com/blog/halt-the-merry-go-round

Love happens because we have time, make time, take time for our significant other. Take time to enjoy the feeling of the other, relax. Life is busy, but it’s always possible to find time to be with the person you love.

Tonight, put down the late-night cleaning. Stop complaining because of all the things that need to get done. Set down the office work and turn off the television. Dim the lights. Look at your significant other in the dim light. See the person you fell in love with. That person is still there. Say hi, don’t bitch, complain, or gripe, just smile and find the love in that face you’ve known for years. No need to say anything to your partner. It’s just having that moment that’s important.

How do we bring back intimacy? There are many ways. There is one simple way I learned to start to get closer to someone. This comes from a Byron Katie workshop. This takes an evening, so you need to set aside time to have a quiet evening with each other. Start the evening by cooking together. Pick something you both like. Remember to take time while cooking to make eye contact. Smile. Brush by one another. Flirt. Touch.

Prepare your dinner plate with food and then, hand it to your partner. Now, sit at a table close together, preferably at a table with candlelight and soft music. Next you feed your significant other dinner and drinks alternating bites between the two of you. When they need a napkin, you wipe their mouth, and when they need a drink pour it in their mouth. Then, your turn. Take time. Do this slow. Be intimate. Have fun! Clean up the meal together and spend the remainder of the evening without the television on hopefully enjoying one another.

Ask yourself, have I taken my partner’s touch for granted? Have I stopped giving him or her special touches? When did I stop listening to him or her? Cherish your partner. Love is a gift that doesn’t come around that many times in life. It’s too important to waste it.

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