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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It’s the time of year when everything starts to sprout, to grow, to green, and to heal from the cold, harsh winter. In addition to the beauty that is spring, we also think of spring as a time for cleaning out the clutter we have accumulated.

This year I decided to clean out my closet and drawers. Since I no longer work daily downtown, I don’t need to keep all the work clothes that I had in my closet. If I’m going to take time to clean out and give away about ½ of my closet and drawers, I also am taking time to clean out the clutter in my mind. If we are cleaning clutter, another way to clear, clean, and start anew is by decluttering our mind.

I’ve accumulated years of repetitive thoughts and beliefs. Some are positive, others are not. This year I’m trying using “Marie Kondo’s well know question, “Does it bring you joy” for my mind. It’s time to examine my thoughts and beliefs in order to evaluate which I’m keeping because they bring me joy and those, I am releasing that do not. This is a very simplistic way to look at my thoughts, but it is a way to start cleaning out the mind of clutter.

Colette Baron-Reid creates what are called oracle cards. If you’ve never used them, oracle cards provide some information or guidance to an individual. There are times I use oracle cards during my coaching sessions. In two of her decks Colette has created cards that involve cleaning and clearing the mind of clutter. As Colette writes in her Oracle Cards Guidebook called The Enchanted Map, “Thoughts, memories and resentments must be swept out of your house,” your mind. Cleaning my mind of clutter is my purpose for this spring.

What is clutter of the mind? I think of mental clutter as the thoughts and beliefs that a voice in our head says such as “I am not enough.” As Marissa Peer says, “First you make your beliefs, then your beliefs make you.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my life to be shaped by those negative thoughts and beliefs that I hear from a voice in my head.

Scientists tell us that we repeat well over ninety percent of our thoughts daily. Only a very small percentage of our thoughts are new each day. If we listen to the chatter in our head, we can hear and identify these negative repetitive thoughts. Once we identify these repetitive negative thoughts/beliefs, then we have a choice of whether to believe them or release them. Do they bring us joy?

I have a routine in the mornings. It involves daily going to weigh myself. You can imagine how the negative thoughts and old beliefs start if I am up in weight that day. The voice whispers “your fat.” Now, that doesn’t bring me joy. The fact is that voice I’ve recently taken to thinking of as my Goblin spends all her time sitting on my shoulder saying those thoughts and repeating those beliefs that do not bring me joy.

Interestingly, as I started to review some information on whether others have called that voice a Goblin, I found that Colette has in her The Enchanted Map oracle cards. In the Guidebook for the Oracle Cards, Colette says,

  • Goblins are born when you’re wounded and something essential is lost in the experience. From that point on as you forget your wholeness, they remain with you in the shadows. There, they remind you of what brought them into being, mimicking your own voice tricking you into believing your unworthy, victimized, or unlovable.

My personal Goblin sits there on my right shoulder whispering you’re not good enough, you’re not lovable, you’re a failure, you’re a loser, you’re not pretty enough, etc. She says all those things that your Goblin also says. So, what do you do about him or her? You can’t get rid of them. I tried very hard during my life to silence my Goblin.

I’ve tried so many types of distractions in order not to hear my Goblin. I’ve tried partying, drinking, sex, and working 24/7. I’d do almost anything where I could escape and not have to hear my Goblin. I’ve wanted to silence her. You can’t kill or completely silence the Goblin. It’s going to live with you and be a voice in your head your entire life.

Accepting your Goblin is fundamental to living a happy life. That sounds weird but the Goblin is just part of us. We have an arm, a leg, a brain, and we have a Goblin.

We can learn to separate the sound of the Goblin from the other voices in our head. One voice I hear I think of as being my mind. It’s linear and logical. It is also my ego. There is another voice that is my heart and soul, the center of love. It is the voice of unconditional love and wholeness. We can all learn to discern which voice we are hearing. The Goblin may be the sound of a parental figure. Sometimes, and in my case, it is the voice of my Mother. My mother was a woman who had a very strong voice. Her voice still lives on with me in the form of my Goblin.

If you can’t silence it, how do you deal with the Goblin? Once you’re hearing its voice you can identify its chatter. Set aside time to review those thoughts and beliefs that are Goblin speak. Do they bring you joy? I’d venture to say no they do not. Do you need to listen to and believe them? No, you don’t. Can you set them aside, release them, and create or adopt another thought, another belief?

One way to decrease the volume of the Goblin is to start creating or adopting other thoughts and beliefs to take the place of the Goblin speak. One of the fundamental thoughts that you must adopt is the statement, “I am enough.” Release all thoughts that tell you you’re not enough. Once you can start to repeat the statement and take it in as a belief you will hear, “I am enough.” That is the voice of the heart. It brings us joy.

If you’d like to learn some tools to declutter the mind, decrease the Goblin’s volume, and find the voice that knows you’re enough, I can help you with that. I am a life coach who specializes in helping individuals transitioning their lives. I can assist you transition from living with the repetitious thoughts of Goblin speak to learning tools to release and replace those thoughts. Life should not be tough or sad or full of Goblin speak. Life should bring us joy. Let me help you spring clean and declutter your mind.

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