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We are composed of the same energy and quanta of that which composes everything. We are co-composers of the universe; … Co-creators with the God that is creating us. ― Hendrith Smith

I was watching Eckhart Tolle and decided to write about the steps in my own spiritual awakening. I believe there is a Power greater than we humans that exists in this Universe. Call it by whatever name you want. This Power is infinite. In addition to believing there is an infinite Power far, far greater than we are, there are many different spiritual gurus that talk about identifying there is more to ourselves, our minds, and our hearts than just the molecules that compose us.

I can’t tell you a moment or a year, but I’ve had moments where I knew there was more to me than just cells and plasma. I remember knowing this as a small child. Frankly as I grew, I forgot the presence of this Power within me and focused on my ego and the external world. It took years for me to find the peace to identify the presence of this Power greater than I again.

Eckhart says a spiritual awakening can be the moment of awareness of the voice in your head. I was so amazed when I heard and realized that having a voice in your head and hearing the hum or chatter was normal. It was then I realized I was hearing the voice so there was more to me than just this voice in my head. That meant there was a Power greater than me that also in part lived within me.

This awakening was followed by another revelation. I was sitting listening to Joe Dispenza when he said that it was a major day in his life when he realized that some things the voice said were not true. Wow, that hit me like a lightening bolt. I’d spent my life believing all the negative things my mind, the voice said. After hearing Dispenza, I realized I did not have to believe everything the voice said[i].

I know in moments snuggling with my cats there’s a Power greater than I. When I think of the intricacies of the body, I know there is a Power greater than I. Those moments and others I feel safe knowing of the existence of the Power. A living, viable part of that Power exists in me. It helps me hear my chatter and know it’s not all true. This Power, this divine observer can help me act and be proactive rather than reactive to the chatter of my mind.

In Eckhart’s world once you touch this knowledge then you seek it more of the time. Eckhart talks about our purpose of life is to awaken. That is a most beautiful moment to celebrate. My wish to each of you is to know your version of awakening. Then you know this Power and feel the comfort and love it provides.

[i] This topic is discussed further in the blog Spring Cleaning Goblin Speak https://www.coachinglifetransition.com/post/spring-cleaning-goblin-speak

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